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When do I need IQCURE®

Healthcare, elimination of the causes of illness, the simple desire to relax and feel well, or the need for meaningful, health-promoting leisure activity will motivate people to turn to IQCURE®.

IQCURE® guests are interested in a healthy and sustainable lifestyle and in lasting improvements to their way of life.

IQCURE® guests appreciate the potential to combine health and wellness to experience a unique holistic healthness adventure.


In the field of prevention IQCURE® is of interest to people who want to grow old healthily, guard against family predispositions, get fit for everyday life and cope with problems more calmly. IQCURE® supports burn out prevention, the treatment and prevention of obesity, it assists with health-enhancing nutrition programs and helps strengthen the immune system.

Elimination of Causes of Illnesses

IQCURE® can help guests suffering from allergies, from headaches or migraine, people with high blood pressure, or those suffering from indigestion or overweight, people with gastro-intestinal problems, or with back or joint pain; it can help people with problems of the skeletal and locomotive system, with skin and aesthetic problems, with dental problems, or ENT problems, or people with cardiovascular problems. IQCURE® can also help with psychosomatic problems.

Holidays and Relaxation

People simply wanting to relax and feel well in their leisure time will also enjoy IQCURE®. IQCURE® appeals to their desire to unwind, to enjoy delicious and healthy food, to be pampered in the spa and wellness areas, to enjoy sports and outdoor activities, and delivers a high quality experience which is without equal.

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