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IQCURE® Immune System Analysis

The immune system plays a fundamental role for human health. Illness prevention, and defence against inflammation and tumors are core functions of the body’s immune system. Central pillars of this defence system are the blood system and the intestinal function, and this programme focuses on the health of these two important areas.

The following are used:

  • Differential blood analysis, Electrophoresis, Immune globulin (IGG, IGM, IGA, IGE), cellular immune status
  • Malondialdehyp-Test. HIV I und II
  • Further viral checks (Herpes simplex, EBV, Cytomegalo virus)

Stool Diagnosis:

  • Qualitative and quantitative bacterial and mycological Diagnosis. Secretory IGA, EPX, ß-Defensin 2, Alpha- 1-Antitrypsin, Calprotectin, Lysozyme, Lactoferrin
  • The IQCURE® Stool Analysis requires a typical processing time of up to one week. If desired, the results can also be discussed via Skype



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