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IQCURE® Better Life Check

The Better Life Check comprises a comprehensive and non-invasive screening:

  • IQCURE® Health Scan - a full body screening taking measurements of the core organ functions
  • An Infrared Skin Blood Flow Screening
  • An electronic Blood Check (without the need for taking blood)
  • A Blood Circulation and Stress Analysis

The Better Life Check allows for an assessment of the Vitality and Stress condition as well as key cardiovascular parameters. Additionally, without the need for taking a blood sample, an assessment of the red blood cell count, PH Value, blood viscosity and blood gases can be performed. Moreover the IQCURE® Health-Scanner analyses the organ functions and provides feedback on the mineral, vitamin and hormone levels in the body. Pulse and blood pressure levels will also be taken. Furthermore a single lead ECG will be performed and the Cardiac Output (productive capacity as well as functionality) will be measured. Finally the skin complexion will also be checked. 

The Better Life Check already comprises a broad range of parameters and provides key values for the medical professional to assess potential organic or stress related complaints. Further checks and analysis can then be performed to complement the Better Life Check where necessary.

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