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More than the sum of its parts

The IQCURE® program is based on several components, which blend to form a unique and incomparable healthness experience which goes far beyond what is currently on offer in the health and wellness sectors.

Prevention & Elimination of Causes of Illnesses

An integrated holistic medical approach combining the best aspects of Eastern & Western health traditions, including Western Medicine, Natural Medicine, Traditional European Medicine (TEM) or Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), is a vital component of IQCURE®. This guarantees the best possible treatment and results for guests.

Following a detailed anamnesis and diagnostic procedure carried out by a team of medical experts in their respective fields, an individual program is tailored to the medical and/or preventive requirements of each individual guest.

These programs are tailored to the individual requirements and time schedule of guests. The declared aim is to raise the wellbeing of guests to a level previously defined during the analysis phase.

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