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IQCURE® Program

The IQCURE® program consist of several components that blend to form a unique healthness experience. An integrated holistic medical approach that combines the best of Eastern and Western health traditions, supports prevention and aims at the durable elimination of the causes of illnesses. Pools and thermal baths offer a wide range of health-oriented and preventive water applications. The wellness & SPA area offers health-enhancing facilities and applications that are second to none. IQCURE® also offers personalized medical and orthopedic fitness programs, and it offers guests every comfort necessary for a healthy and relaxing holiday. IQCURE® even uses the sleeping time of guests to analyse and improve their individual state of health and wellbeing. 

More than the sum of its parts

The IQCURE® program is based on several components, which blend to form a unique and incomparable healthness experience which goes far beyond what is currently on offer in the health and wellness sectors.

vitality through health