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The IQCURE® Team

The IQCURE® team consists of highly qualified doctors, nutritionists, physiotherapists and movement therapists as well as fitness and personal coaches, who have been specially trained on the IQCURE® concept.

At all times, the IQCURE® team’s sole focus of attention is on the individual needs, and on the curative, medical and preventive requirements of each guest.

IQCURE® has also appointed a supranational team of experts, consisting of doctors, international health experts, university professors and representatives from renowned research institutions. This team of experts supervises and monitors the state-of-the-art implementation of the IQCURE® concept across all IQCURE® facilities and continuously develops the IQCURE® program further in accordance with the latest research.

Ongoing professional education and training as well as soft skill trainings of the local IQCURE® teams guarantee maximum success of the IQCURE® program and ensures the highest quality standards.

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